Backlinks for SEO: why is this so important and what are the most effective techniques?

The backlinks for SEO are the most important off-page strategy in your business. Of the quality and quantity of these, it can depend on your page rank as you wish or that, however, is unable to compete in the competition to get the best results in your sector.

For this reason, I am writing for you this post where you will find valuable information on what are the backlinks for SEO and why these are very important, and what are the methods that you should take more into account to obtain them. Of course, in order to get the best out of them, it is a good idea to prepare a strategy and have sufficient knowledge to avoid being penalized.

So, are you ready to become an authentic backlinks maker? If so then, continue reading this article.

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What are the backlinks and why they are so important for your business SEO?

The backlinks for SEO are inbound links to your website that come from an external page. That is if any website inserts a link to your website we would say that you have a backlink from that website.

This, in principle, has linked you because it considers that your content is excellent and improves or extends its own texts. Therefore, it is logical that this is one of the factors that Google consider more into account.

What before going to a restaurant and ask Tripadvisor reviews and do not see a movie without taking a look at the rating of Filmaffinity? Well, Google works the same way you do. This relies on the linkback to determine if your website is interesting or not worth paying close attention.

In addition, these generate an increase in traffic and page authority that directly affect the sales of your products or services.

How to get backlinks using the best techniques?

Ok, you know what is SEO backlinks, but probably you are thinking that how to get them. Quiet, then you will find several very effective techniques with which you will surely get the best links.

Methods to get free backlinks

There are lots of different techniques that you can put into practice to achieve SEO backlinks without spending a single bucks. These have in common that, if you can do that correctly, they are extraordinarily effective in obtaining excellent links.

Guest posting

This is one of the most used and, without doubt, one of the most recommended to obtain backlinks for SEO. It consists of studying blogs with good authority and similar contents to ours and offering to write a guest author post on them.

It is a full-fledged win to win, these blogs achieve quality content and you get one or two do-follow links. Always, before putting the first letter in the text, you should ask what are the guest author rules that have been determined. In this way, you will be able to adapt to these requirements and then not pose problems to your publication.

As if this were not enough, it is also an excellent opportunity to make contacts with other experts and companies with whom to share cooperation in the future.


Create good content on your blog

It seems very obvious, but not all companies take it into account. We assure you that, if you publish interesting texts that solve problems and allow you to delve into certain areas, you will be linked to other sites in a natural way.

To do this, you must know what your audience is looking for and offer quality content that interests them. Another tip that we recommend you to follow is that you leave aside the improvisation and plan with time each one of your posts. Believe us, you can tell the difference.


Generate strong relationships with other professionals

These will allow bloggers to instinctively take your content into account when linking their texts and, even, you can directly ask them to enter a link that interests you.

Although, as you will imagine, achieving this relationship requires previous work. To achieve this goal there are a thousand formulas and most are valid, but we recommend social networks, comments on blogs and forums.

If you find experts in your sector on Twitter or on Facebook, you should follow them and share their publications. Little by little, you can begin to interact with them and be perceived as a professional with a true interest in a certain subject.

At the same time, it is also convenient that you visit the blogs of these professionals and leave your comments there. These must be elaborated and provide value, not enough with a “very good” or an “interesting”. The ideal situation is that these comments end up generating a debate of ideas between the two.

And of course, another classic: the forums. Luckily, there are very specialized and sure fit your theme. Make an account and share your best texts without forgetting to comment on those of others.

Events are another opportunity to meet people from the sector, but these are more specific and require a series of social skills. If you are capable, do not hesitate to go to all those that you find interesting and consider that you can find professionals that you need to know.


Link to other blogs in the sector.

Before launching this technique you should analyze exhaustively if it suits you, but sometimes a good way to get backlinks for SEO is to take the initiative. That is to say, that you are the one who links first to that page that interests you so much that you put a link to it.

Anyway, you should be careful because if they are repeated many times the same bidirectional links may end up being perceived as black hat and your page is penalized. And trust us, you do not want that for your page.

These are the most popular and effective methods, but we also encourage you to analyze and make decisions using a wide variety of SEO tools on the market. These will let you know what procedures the competition has used and, without having to copy them, know what is working.

In addition, with them you will have proof that you have been mentioned and, depending on the case, you can request a change in the anchor or propose that they link you, if they have not already done so.


Buy backlinks for your page

This is a very interesting option to obtain backlinks for SEO in highly prized websites where we would hardly get a link. Therefore, as in anything else in life, it is not interesting to pay for something that you can get for free and for a premium product.

In the topic that concerns us these “premium products” are mainly newspapers and certain specialized magazines. Why? Well, because they generate a lot of content, they have a great page authority and receive thousands of daily visits.

Although it seems simple, we are talking about investing a good amount of money and you have to make the right decision. Therefore, it is advisable to study each page very well in which we will buy backlinks for SEO.

What kind of characters should quality backlinks have?

If you got here, you can not leave this post without knowing what requirements should have the best backlinks for SEO. They are the following:

Proceed from a website with high domain authority. This data is telling us that the page from which we have obtained those backlinks for SEO has a certain reputation and that, therefore, Google will take it into account. At this point, you should always prioritize quality over quantity. That is better two good links than three mediocre ones.

Variety of anchor. It is convenient that you use different types and do not focus exclusively on the keywords.

Follow or not follow. In general, you will be interested in following. Of course, you should look for a balance and study what the competition does.

Be coherent with the context. That is, you can not put a link to a website that talks about sneakers in a paragraph about water sports. In short, the important thing is that the link is natural and allows a fluid reading of the text.

Has the post been useful and you already know what SEO backlinks can do for your business? We hope so and very soon we will find you in the main Google results. Of course, if you want to ensure a first level positioning, you have to generate very good content and backlinks for that.

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