Social Networks Algorithm

Social Networks Algorithm: How do Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter work and how to perform better in each of them? Social networks are indispensable in a digital marketing strategy and you probably already know that. But how to perform well in each of them? One of the first steps is to understand its operation. See … Read more

Link Building: 9 errors you should avoid

Check the link building errors that may be obstructing your SEO strategy. It is not a secret that having links pointing to your domain is one of the main impales factors taken into account to define the authority of your site, directly influencing your location in the results of the search engines. As an essential … Read more

digital Marketing plan

digital Marketing plan To create a digital marketing plan, it is necessary to know the phases that make up a marketing plan; It must be clarified that for a digital marketing plan there is no standard model. These models are references, since depending on the area, the market that is targeted and the personality of … Read more