Crowdsourcing: what it is and how it fits into Digital Marketing

Nowadays, innovation is fundamental for any business. Do you want to get innovative ideas and solutions at a low cost? Discover what crowdsourcing is and fall in love with this practice.

Creativity and innovation are essential for any content marketing strategy. To attract the consuming public it is necessary to be creative, the public is eager for novelties.

It is due to this need that crowdsourcing arrived, to help us to get creative and innovative ideas, that solve several problems, with the collaboration of our own audience.

Do you want to understand more about the subject? So, join me in this article!

What is Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a practice. A large number of people is summoned to contribute ideas in order to find the solution of a task.

This word was created in 2006 by Jeff Howe, journalist and editor of the electronic magazine Wired. The word comes from the terms crowd, which means crowd and sourcing, whose meaning is supply.

This practice allows a task usually carried out by a group of specialists, to be carried out through an open call by a large number of people.

How can it be used by companies?

As you can see, crowdsourcing allows you to perform various strategies that will help give visibility to the brand. It is also possible to get creative ideas that would otherwise be difficult to achieve. Involving the public in a practice of these can be an excellent marketing strategy.

Let’s see now how we can apply it in a digital marketing campaign.

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How is it related to Digital Marketing?

Social networks allow the reach of a large number of the public with segmented interests. It is in this way that a crowdsourcing campaign can serve as a complement to a Digital Marketing campaign.

The digital presence of all brands is reflected in social networks. It is in these networks that the content of the brand is shared and that users can interact with it. It is for this reason that an excellent way to summon users for some crowdsourcing is through the social networks where the public we want to reach is located.

This practice encourages interaction and helps solve a problem quickly and effectively.

Engaging the public in the search for a creative solution with some kind of reward may be one of the best ways to give your brand more visibility.

Using technology to reach the consumer is part of the digital transformation we are currently going through. Adapting the methods to reach more effectively the public we are looking for is the best way to reach them.

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What are the advantages of Crowdsourcing?

Throughout the text, you must have noticed some of the advantages that crowdsourcing can bring to any brand. But the advantages of this practice are not lacking, here you can see other of them:

Variety of ideas

Crowdsourcing allows you to get a lot of ideas. Not only ideas based on theory, but ideas from the consumers themselves. The people who are outside your company may have a different approach, another point of view. The point of view of who consumes, fundamental for the success of any business.

Innovative ideas

People who participate in an open crowdsourcing calls have nothing to lose. They do it in an anonymous way and do not fear the opinion of others. It is in this way that you can get the most innovative and creative ideas that you could have ever imagined.

Decrease costs

Crowdsourcing allows you to obtain amazing solutions at a very low cost. The participants are not employees of your company and only seek to participate to obtain a reward. You can get an excellent idea at a minimal cost.

You can discover talents

Among the participants, you can find true talents for your company. If so, you can choose them for a future project.

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Technology allows reaching a large number of people in a personalized and interactive way. Consumers want to be part of the brands they consume and want to have an active voice over their favorite products.

It is for this reason that crowdsourcing may be the solution you are looking for in your marketing strategy. In this way, you can obtain innovative and creative solutions and, at the same time, approach your audience giving greater visibility to your brand.

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