As a marketer, having a solid email marketing list by is an essential tool to connect with customers, meet sales goals and achieve success. When someone joins your email list, they give you direct access to a communication channel they review every day!

In fact, there are studies that have shown that many people check their smartphones for new emails, text messages and social media updates even before getting out of bed in the morning.

That is a very personal relationship. Of course, build those relationships is easy to say than done. Governments around the world have enacted anti-spam laws that establish rules on how companies can interact with customers or potential customers.

These laws can cover everything from how companies receive consent to send commercial messages, what messages should contain, what they can not contain, and more.

Essentially, marketers must take into account the marketing and legal department as they grow and use their email marketing list. The minimum error could result in significant fines.

However, the right steps can become a massive success for your business. To help you create a solid email marketing list, we’ve compiled some of the best tips to make sure your list delivers the results you expect.

A committed customer base that you can market directly to is a great source of interested buyers.


                 8 tips to grow your email marketing list


Create your own list from scratch.

A quick online search will reveal that you can easily buy an email marketing list consisting of thousands of email addresses. Rapidly increasing your email marketing list with a few clicks of a mouse sounds appealing, right? This may seem tempting, but there are a couple of reasons why you should avoid this at all costs.

First, sending emails to people on this list can cause problems with antispam laws. You should never send marketing email messages to anyone who has not agreed to receive your emails.

There is also no way to verify the quality of contacts within the email list you have purchased. Do they fit your demographic goal? They are located in the region where you are doing business? Are email addresses still in use?

In addition to legal obligations, there is also a risk that your company will start the relationship in a bad way. Unsolicited messages are often annoying, and end up being deleted without even being read.

The most important thing is that growing your list organically is your best option to create an inventory of subscribers who are really interested in the content it has to offer.

Not only is it a good omen for your opening rates and clicks, but it also has huge ramifications in the return on investment in email marketing.


Create an offer they can not refuse.

When trying to get someone to accept your email marketing list, you must put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and ask yourself: “Why?” Why would someone accept receiving emails from your company?

Create an offer that people can take advantage of in exchange for joining your email list. Some sellers use free downloads of e-books to get the attention of subscribers, while others offer discount coupons. Regardless of the method you use to develop your own offer, a compelling offer will always outperform any offer.


Promise of exclusive content.

Does your website offer information or articles that continue to attract people? Convince your dedicated fans to subscribe to your email marketing list by offering content only by email. This could be a blog or weekly article that only email subscribers have access to.

If you are creating excellent content that is already gaining many visits, it is logical that you would enjoy receiving more of that content.


Facilitate the subscription.

Visitors to your website and social media pages should not have to search for a long time for a link or form where they can sign up to join your email marketing list. Are you simplifying your registration process or are you sending your potential customers to a treasure hunt?

For example, inserting a registration link at the end of each blog is a simple way to reach your visitors. If someone has spent time reading a blog or complete article in your site.

Try different types of copies.

Are you running a promotion, offer or campaign to increase subscribers on your email marketing list? You should be testing A / B the copy of your campaign to see what gets the best response from the viewers. Does a certain way of writing your offer seem to be more effective than other forms? The A / B tests will reveal this and allow you to focus on the most successful strategy.

A / B tests may continue after you also have an established email list. Try different e-mail copy styles and track the style that generates the most clicks, sales or conversions.


Collect email addresses in person.

When many people think about creating an email marketing list, they think about the online methods to create your list. However, many companies still have some kind of physical presence. Does your company attend fairs, events or have your own physical location? This is the opportunities to connect with people and get their contact information and email address.

You can combine this suggestion with suggestions 2 or 3 by creating a special offer for people you connect with in person to convince them to subscribe to your marketing list by email.


Create attractive email campaigns

Part of the growth of a healthy email list is to avoid attrition. How do you prevent existing email subscribers from canceling your subscription as your list continues to grow? Create personalized and attractive email campaigns.

Put yourself in the place of your subscribers for a moment. Would you prefer to receive emails that look good and attract your own interests or would you prefer to receive poorly designed emails that do not interest you? The answer should be quite obvious.

Use exciting images, effective copies and address your subscribers based on their personal interests. These seemingly obvious steps will help immensely in maintaining your list of email subscribers. Growth simply can not be achieved if you’re losing subscribers as fast as you convince them to sign up.


Use your social media channels.

There is no rule that says a Facebook or Twitter follower cannot be an email subscriber either. The more communication channels you can have with your customers, the better. If you miss a major Facebook update, you can make sure that the message reaches them by email.

Share a link to the registration page of your marketing list by email in the biography of your social media profiles. Consistently including the link in Tweeter post or Facebook updates helping your followers keep connected through email. The people who interact with you on social networks are the main candidates to become great email subscribers.


To end

Put these tips into practice and you will begin to see your marketing list grow by email. Most importantly, the people you are becoming email subscribers are people who could become very valuable customers. These are not random email subscribers with no interest in what you have to offer.

Of course, now that you have a fixed email marketing list, you must ensure that you provide subscribers with excellent content.


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