We all want to stand out in our users’ inbox, but did you know that each user receives an average of 120 commercial emails per day? So, as you can see, creating email templates that cause a sensation and remain in the memory of your contacts is not easy.

If you want to attract attention and awaken the interest of your users, you have to know how to communicate your message instantaneously and what better than a careful design and quality images?

I think you heard already: “a picture is worth a thousand words”

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than a text and, if that were not enough, content such as images, videos and gifs can affect purchasing decisions.

Table of contents

  1. Free tools to design marketing emails
    • Canva
    • Design Seeds
    • Unsplash
    • ColorZilla
    • Passport
  2. One last piece of advice so that everything looks perfect …

             5 free designing tools for email marketing

1. Free tools to design marketing emails

To help you in the arduous task of easily creating graphic content for your emails we have compiled some of our favorite free tools.

You do not need to be a super design professional: with these tools, composing marketing emails is going to be a breeze. So, when your graphic designer goes on vacation or needs a hand, you can compose an email yourself, no matter what experience you have.


1.1. Canva

How not to start with Canva? Surely you already know it, since it is the online tool that has turned graphic design into an easy, intuitive, fun and accessible process for everyone. With Canva, even beginners can create professional designs of great quality!

This tool became well known within the marketing departments, especially because it allows creating work teams where you can easily share designs and folders with the selected people.

Use it to create a perfect size email header or to generate a color palette from a selected image.


1.2. Design Seeds

If you are not an expert designer, choosing a color palette is one of those things that will give you the most headaches. When you already have a very defined visual identity, it can be difficult to find good quality images that fit your corporate image.

For that reason, Design Seeds will come great. On this free website you can search for photos by color. Yes, as you hear it.

Endless searches to find photos with the perfect color palette. But beware, it’s those tools that get you! The images are so clear and the colors so vivid … It’s the Pinterest of the image banks.


1.3. Unsplash

And speaking of high-resolution images … We are going to share with you one of our best-kept secrets (well, maybe now someone else has learned). This is Unsplash, one of the best banks of free images you’ll find on the internet.

On this platform, only photos with a Creative Commons Zero license are published, which means that you are free to use, copy, modify and distribute any photo of the site. Finally, you can forget about paying a license or worry about the copyright of the images you want to use for your website or newsletter.

We are faithful users of this tool and we are sure that from now on you will be too.


1.4. ColorZilla

Do you remember all the times you’ve found that color that would come great to your designs but you’ve never been able to replicate?

Good news! We have the perfect tool for you. ColorZilla, which comes as a browser extension, is a very practical tool that allows you to perform a reverse search to find the color code that interests you. Simply click on any part of the page or image where the color you want is located and ColorZilla will provide you with the exact code.

Nothing is easier than to reuse this color in your emails and you can also combine this tool with the Font face Ninja extension that allows you to inspect and know all the characteristics of a source on any website.

Try it, you will love it! Especially if you are one of those who suffers to try to remember what was the code for the corporate color of your company.


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1.5. Passport

Finally, in our list of the 5 best free email design tools, Passport, Mailjet’s email editor, could not be absent.

Getting started is very easy: choose one of the templates in the library (they are all beautiful and totally responsive) and change the images, texts and calls to action. Or, if you prefer to create your own design, you can start from scratch: it’s as easy as “drag and drop” the elements you want to include in your newsletter.

Whatever your email design experience, Passport will allow you to send aesthetic emails that suit your needs.

2. One last piece of advice so that everything looks perfect …

We love using Passport to create adaptive marketing newsletters and emails, but we know that many of you prefer to code them.

However, what can happen when you create an email in .html is that, after much effort and work, you open your email and you realize that the template is not responsive and all the elements are out of line … and almost gives you something. Has it ever happened to you?

That’s why we want to recommend these tools.

And with this, our classification of free tools to design emails ends. As you can imagine, on the internet there are many more that can facilitate your daily work, it’s just a matter of trying.