Free traffic source for your business

In this online era everyone who has a website or business in online need traffic and beginning of a website or digital business they need free traffic to grow their business.

Today we will see some free traffic sources for business.


1. Pinterest

Do you know about Pinterest? Tell me in the comment box.

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for any niche in the online world. You can get tons of free traffic from this site.

Basically, this is a kind of search engine. This site provides you display banner. Pinterest shows its users based on what they search for.

It is different from all other social and traffic sources. A lot of marketers tells you about Pinterest only go create some board and pin there some post. That’s it, seriously? No, No way. So what to do for getting Pinterest traffic?

The biggest truth about Pinterest traffic is that Pinterest will give you the same love what you give it now. Means, if you love Pinterest, Pinterest will love you back ( Give you traffic ).

The Pinterest algorithm says that you have to use it every day actively to get traffic or grow on Pinterest.

So, you have to create a new Pinterest account and some board on it. Then you can pin ( Create a post on board) your blog article or product image on a related board.

There is two kinds of Pinterest account, personal and business. Differents between them are in a personal account you can not see the statistics or analytics and in a business account, you can see them and analyze your activity.

For getting more free traffic you can do these…

1. Collaborate with someone who has a board related to your niche.

2. Join in group boards.

3. Repin on your boards.

4. Write SEO friendly title and description on pin and board.

5. Use hashtags according to your niche.

6. Use a high-quality image when you post or pin on Pinterest.

7. Write with the bold letter on images.

So, what you think about Pinterest comment below…

2. Facebook

Facebook now has 2.38 billion monthly active users. So, what do you think about it? Yes, this is your best chance to gain free traffic from facebook. This would be your best free traffic source for your business.

What facebook offers for its users? Ok, facebook giving you a lot of option for using it, So how you can get traffic from it? Read on…

1- Create an Attractive Facebook Page

You should personalize your facebook page appearance. The best way to personalize it is through images. Place a cover image specifically on your brand or Business, which should look professional.

2- Share Quality Content regularly

Having a Facebook Page does not assure you that all your followers will visit your Site, until or at least you work hard to keep it active.

To keep your page active, you must post Value content. Something very important is to vary the type of publications, do not share only links, also share images and phrases.

It is proven that images, phrases, and videos achieve more “likes”, and are shared more times.

3- Experiment with Time: Take full advantage of it

Analyze the behavior and performance of your facebook page audiences. It is normal that when you publish an update on facebook, 100% of your followers do not see it.

Every website has specific hours where they get more traffic to the site. You must analyze At what time do you get better results when updating your Facebook Page?

When you discover that, stick to it and make updates to be published at that time.

4- Apply techniques to attract Followers

The best strategies to attract more followers to your Facebook Page are:

  • Place a link, button or like box on your blog
  • Write and invite readers of your Blog to follow you on Facebook
  • Comment on the Facebook page related to your niche.
5- Do your homework daily
  • What happens if a person does not feed daily?

Exact! The same happens with your audience, no matter what platform you are on.

Your Facebook fan community needs to be fed, so you must update and monitor your Facebook Page, analyze the performance and apply point # 4 daily. That is the only way to get noticeable results.

3. Quora

If you did not know about quora traffic you are missing a big opportunity of free traffic source. You can gain thousands of free traffic from this site, only asking questions and giving answers.

Quora platform is a curious mix between forum and social network. A question and answer platform founded by Adam D´Angelo.  This is similar to Yahoo Answers but more worked and improved.

For example, when a user writes a question, another will no longer be able to ask the same question, thus preventing users from getting tired of always reading the same thing.

You can ask according to your business and put your business link on that. Or you can answer the asked questions related to your business and recommend your business link to them.

Quora is useful for long-term quality traffic for your business. Quora platform offers its users the possibility to subscribe to the topics and questions that interest them. They can also follow people in order to get the information they need. When someone answers to the question, Quora will notify people interested in those questions and make them see the different points of view of other people.

This is an excellent free traffic source for your website or product. Spend some time at this site you will love it and get lots of free traffic.

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