How to develop a communication strategies for your business?

The development of communication strategies is one of the best ways to ensure that the objectives of your project are executed efficiently and in the shortest possible time.

It is evident that the way in which you sell a product today has nothing to do with the way in which it was done 50 years ago, either because of technological advances or because simply the mentality of man has changed with the passing of years.

As a consequence, the need to sell products or services-led people to think about how they could capture the attention of potential customers and convince them that their brand and product would be the solution to their eventual problem.

So the development of communication strategies became a significant tool when starting with a business project.

If you want to know what it is, what is the importance of this tool and the steps to perform it successfully, we invite you to continue reading this article, it is luxurious!

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What are communication strategies?

Communication strategies are planning tools that take into account aspects such as:

General objectives; Messages; Actions to execute; Indicator variables; Instruments; Lead time.

Thus, in a systematic and coherent way, the image, brand, and product of a certain organization are able to reach, in an accurate way, its target audience with the purpose of converting them into customers.

What is the importance of communication strategies?

When starting with a new project every entrepreneur has as its main objective to achieve the greatest amount of sales, right? Then, you will surely ask yourself, how will I be able to sell my product or service? at stake communication strategies.

The importance of carrying out these strategies lies in the fact that if they are carried out correctly, you will achieve the numbers you dream about in terms of sales (be assured).

Performing a communication strategy will have the goal that your target audience not only understands what your brand sells but also understands what it means and represents.

This knowledge will have a positive consequence on the perception of people towards your company and they will end up becoming customers, so it is important that your communication strategy is based on who you are and what you want to show.

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How to develop successful communication strategies? 8 steps to build yours

In general, the success of a strategy will depend on the planning of it, you will have to take into account several aspects necessary so that you do not have failures.

Don’t worry! Next, we will explain all the necessary steps to make your communication strategy successful, read on!

1. Analyze your current situation

To start the development of a communication strategy it is necessary to know the current situation of your organization, that is, to be clear about aspects such as:

  • The reputation of your brand;
  • Brand identity;
  • Customer experience;
  • Market trends; State of your competition.

2. Determine what your goal is

It is vitally important that once you know what your company’s strengths and weaknesses are, you define what or what the objectives of your communication strategy will be. And so you don’t lose your way, answer questions like:

  • What do I want to achieve ?;
  • Why do I want to get it ?;
  • Why is it necessary to do it?

3. Define your target audience

With certainty, the definition of your target audience is one of the most important steps when developing your communication strategy, since, this group of people is the ones who want to transmit the message and thus, motivate them to comply with the purpose of said communication strategy (the purchase of your product or service).

4. Establish a viable budget

It is a fact that we can have many ideas on how to make your communication strategy work, but you should keep in mind that everything has a cost.

That is why it is necessary to define how much money can be invested in said communication strategy with a clear and detailed budget. This will depend on:

  • The size of your company;
  • The utility that your organization possesses;
  • Needs

5. Set the message you want to convey

Brands need a voice and that is the job of the message since they summarize and concentrate the personality of your organization.

Having clear your current situation, the objectives of your strategy and the target audience, you already have enough information to define how to develop the message you want to reach that audience.

Remember that your genius is the ability to communicate with the public, move them, generate interest and repeat them! (don’t stop repeating the message).

6. Select which communication channels adapt to your project

There are several ways to promote your strategy and distribute your content, so perform an analysis of which of these is the most appropriate to get that message to your target audience and meet your goal. Remember that you must take into account the scope of the budget.

7. Specify the execution deadlines

We cannot talk about planning if we do not define the deadlines in which we want to achieve our objectives, and this is no exception.

To determine the deadlines in which you estimate to achieve each of the objectives, you must take into account each of the above points.

8. Measure and evaluate the results of your strategy

Once you have achieved the proposed objectives, it is necessary that you carry out a marketing audit in order to analyze what the strategy achieved, if you met the estimated deadlines, if the budget was sufficient and if you achieved the proposed objectives.

This way you can determine what you can improve for the next communication strategies.

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What communication strategies exist in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing emerges as one of the most effective communication strategies to achieve your goals within your organization.

It is a set of activities that have the particularity that the link between the organization and the target audience is made directly and personalized, great, right?

This is also considered the preferred marketing strategy today because the number of Internet users increases dramatically as the days go by.

It is very important to make clear that Digital Marketing is very extensive and has many actions with which you can achieve your goal, one of the most important is Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy whose main objective is to capture the interest of people, non-invasively, showing information that interests you in order to become a customer.

Among the most important ways of performing Inbound Marketing are:

Content Marketing

This is one of the strategies that is based on the generation of quality content seeking to involve and attract people in order to become part of your network of leads.

This will generate a positive perception of your organization, thus achieving a positive impact on the amount of business opportunity.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that is used to keep businesses in touch with their subscribers through email.

Because its investment cost is low compared to the benefits offered by email marketing, it is one of the most effective marketing strategies.

Social media marketing

If we are looking for something that most people have in common today, surely belonging to a social network is one of them.

In the beginning, social networks emerged as a way to contact people with whom we had lost contact, today it still works like this, but social networks have already become very valuable tools for companies to obtain sales.

When used by people of all ages, with different interests, for companies social networks have become a space full of potential clients, which is why companies use them to establish direct interaction with people to make them reach content related to your brand and its products.


How incredible that so many things have to be taken into account. So that your organization has the success you expect so much!

From what you learned in this article, I hope you are clear that it does not matter if you have the best product. The most beautiful or the cheapest one, achieving customer acquisition will depend mainly on good communication strategies.

If you get your target audience to understand what means your brand, what it offers and how it can help you solve your need, rest assured that you will win customers exponentially.

Remember that you must ensure that your customers identify with your brand. So that your organization is at the forefront in the markets in which it competes.

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