Best web analytics tool that gives you best analytics reports for your business

There is lots of web analytics tool in the industry. But SEMrush is a very specific and valuable web analytics tool to research your market online. Create an account here

Those who use online for marketing know how important it is to constantly improve their strategies to achieve better and better results in online.

For this reason, being attentive to the competence and performance of your page helps to have more assertiveness in the actions of your business. Repair the faults found and deliver quality content for your audience. Here is come web analytics tool for researching.

There are several web analytics tool that can be used to increase your digital marketing strategy. One of them is SEMrush, which can be used, in the free version or in the paid versions, to have access to more features.

Still, do not know this tool?

If you are doing:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce business
  • Content marketing
  • Article publishing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Freelancing
  • Online marketing
  • Market analysis
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay per click advertising

Then you should know about this web analytics tool.


SEMrush: A best web analytics tool you have ever used

Here, In this article, you will know all the advantages of doing web analytics with SEMrush and you will learn how to use it.

SEM rush features:

Domain Analytics, Keyword Analytics, Projects, Gap Analytics, Topic Research, SEO Writing Assistant, Lead Generation Tool, Listing Management, CPC Map, My reports.


What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a web analytics tool responsible for delivering consolidated data on user searches and positioning in the SERP of Google. You can use it to obtain results about your domain as well as to know your competitors better.

Being recognized as a complete service of competitive analysis, SEMrush has been increasingly used by professionals in their SEO strategies.

Those who work with content production, directly or indirectly, know that it is not enough to write good texts. So that your page is positioned well in Google and other search engines.

It is necessary to be attentive to what the audience is looking for to achieve something attractive, valuable and that stands out in the middle of all other Internet sites.

Meeting all the requirements on your own can be complicated, mainly in the digital medium. Where the competition is already large and continues to grow exponentially. Create an account here


Why do you need SEMrush?

By providing relevant data on the behavior of users, SEMrush allows you to discover the best marketing strategies and stand out among your competitors.

With this tool, it is possible to analyze various factors, such as:

  • the most relevant keywords for your business;
  • the positioning of your keywords in the organic surveys;
  • the advertising strategies most used by the competition and the results obtained in each of them;
  • the backlinks of your page or other sites in your niche;
  • among other pertinent information.

Using the features of this web analytics tool, you can see what is working well or badly for your competitors, monitor the performance of your page, and know what can be done to get your site a better ranking.


How to use SEMRush?

After creating an account in SEMRush and confirm it in your email, just enter the site to access the initial panel.

In the dashboard, you will find the search bar where you can insert the domain whose performance you want to verify. Remember that the page can be both your business and that of your competitors.

In the side menu, you will find the Panel, where you will find the various features of SEMrush. Each of these presents complete and detailed reports on specific elements of the domain under investigation.

Knowing how to use the tool and the details of each resource can be the missing piece of your digital marketing strategy to generate even better results.

We will present an overview of the tool and detail some of the most important features, so you can see how you can benefit from its use.


1- Domain Analytics

To analyze a domain, you must enter the desired address in the search bar. Pay close attention because after indicating the domain, it is necessary to specify the country, only then will SEMrush be able to locate it correctly.


2- Overview

This section gives access to general information about the number of keywords that direct the site, the backlinks that direct to that page, the competitors, and detailed information about the organic and paid surveys.

It is enough to navigate through the subsections of the lateral menu. Below we will specify what each of them analyzes.


3- Organic Research

Here you will find reports referring to organic research, such as the main words key that generates traffic for that site, which are the main organic competitors of the domain; and your content for certain keywords.

This is a good web analytics feature to analyze the positioning variations of your page or a competitor, and better understand what is attracting the attention of the audience.


4- Backlinks

With this functionality, SEMrush presents reports with information about the links that direct to your site.

Backlinks in authoritative domains are fundamental to increase the credibility of your page, as well as the backlinks that come from untrustworthy sites, which can be harmful to your search engine positioning.

Look at the data presented in this section. It will help to understand how the profile of the backlinks is affecting the ranking of your pages. This allows you to think about strategies to improve your performance in this aspect.

From this information, you can get ideas of alliances or topics to develop attractive content that may interest the domains of greater authority and generate new backlinks to your page.


5- Advertising Research

Advertising Search factors analyzed by this functionality are the same as the organic search but refer to the information of the advertising campaigns, that is, of the paid surveys of the investigated domain.

Also here you can see what position your domain and your competitor domain in the advertising platform. Here you will find the exact marketing solution which is using your competitors.

In this section, you can find out competitor subdomain, ad copy, their ad history, and the results of their ads. You can check all URLs using your competitor.


6- PLA Research

On this web analytics tool, you can discover the products that your competitors are selling and in what aspects your strategies are being overcome.

In the search for PLA, data is presented about the positions of the ads for the list of products, which are the main competitors of the domain under investigation and the texts used in the advertisements.


7- Display Advertising

Analysis of the SEMrush display media advertising data serves to observe how are projecting the announcements of the companies of the competition.

Here you can see which are the strategies that are having better conversion results and which are the formats that attract more potential clients to the survey pages.

In case you need to know if your audience is presenting more interest for content in text or video format, for example, display media reports will help you better understand this behavior.


8- Traffic analysis

This section brings an overview of the main metrics used by the domain research. Use this functionality of SEMrush to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and compare their pages with yours, to know what can be done to improve your performance.

Here you can also check where the traffic comes from the domain you are investigating, who are your most active Affiliates and which are the domains that have authority and they can serve as good sources of backlinks.


9- Ranks

You and your competitor’s domain rank on Google, Alexa, Bing, etc.


10- Domain vs. domain

This web analytics tool allows the comparison of up to 5 domains and can be used to analyze your main competitors. You only have to insert the domains you want to compare and select the type of keyword you want to analyze.

You can opt for organic, paid, or PLA keywords. For a more advanced search, you can also select what you want to analyze, such as keywords in common or exclusive to each domain.

SEMrush generates all the comparative reports on the domains inserted, your positions in the results of organic searches for the same terms, the average volume of searches for those words, cost per click, among other things.

Exploring the data and analyzing them carefully will help you to efficiently understand your competitors.


11- Keyword Analysis

A big name in web analytics is the keyword. This feature serves as a guide for those who need to find the right keywords for their content, improve ranking, and attract traffic.

If you have a site about dog clothes, for example, you can use the functionality to check the competition of the keywords that you want to use in your content.

Thus, you manage to find a specific and little-explored niche, in which It is more likely to stand out, such as clothes for large dogs.

You can also check the corresponding keywords related to the ones you are looking for, the results of the organic search for each of them, and the historical ads.


12- Keyword Difficulty Tool

Here you will see a box for writing keyword. You can write here one or more keywords. For every keyword, you can see its difficulty, volume, trends, result, SERP source. In the below result, you can find out keyword related domains and their details as mentioned above.


13- Keyword Magic tool

By accessing this web analytics tool and reporting a keyword, you have access to thousands of keyword suggestions from the same niche. Various filters are offered for you to do a deep search. Organize the results and manage to find the keywords ideal to improve the ranking of your page.

The Keyword Magic is interesting for those who need to develop varied content on the same subject. Or stand out in a niche of high competition. After all, the tool allows you to discover long-tail keywords. This increases your possibilities of highlighting and positioning yourself well in the searches.

If you search for the keyword games, you will notice that the search volume is huge. And, therefore, it is difficult to compete in this niche. Especially if the competition is more recognized in the market.

You can use the filters with the keywords to find the variations and verify the words that can bring competitive advantages, such as free and soccer juices, for example.


14- Projects

After you set up your site as a SEMrush project, you will have access to several tools that help to analyze in detail the visibility of your domain.

With the Audit Site, for example, you can scan any page and learn what you can improve in your SEO techniques.

With the Position Tracking tool, it is possible to monitor the ranking of keywords in a site to measure the success of a marketing strategy.

Now in On-Page SEO Tracker, you find tips of optimization so that your site occupies higher positions in Google searches.

In addition, there are some other tools available to help you increase the quality of your domain. Projects in SEMrush Break analysis Is a new SEMrush tool that contains reports on keywords and backlinks.


15- Gap Analytics

Keyword head back This functionality is exactly the same as we mentioned above with the name of Domain vs domain.

As the section of Analysis of breaches is recent in SEMrush, the same data have still been found in the two options in the lateral profile.

However, everything indicates that, in short, the modification will be definitive and the comparison data between domains will only be found here.

16- Backlinks Gap

Here you can also insert up to 5 domains for the SEMrush to analyze the backlinks. To compare your site and the pages of your competitors, simply enter the addresses in the field search.  Wait for the tool to generate the backlink profile data of each of them.

This functionality of this web analytics tool is extremely useful. It helps you discover opportunities for backlinks that are not yet being explored.

With this information in hand, you can direct your strategies to reach domains recognized positively in the market. Which can contribute to the increase of your credibility?


17- Topic Research

This functionality of SEMrush presents you with the topics related to your search that are generating more engagement in the audience.

The idea is that you can analyze what your competitors are sharing. And what are the results to understand exactly the type of content that should be shared to stand out in your niche?

Let’s suppose that you are an entrepreneur who has a virtual store of accessories and you need to increase sales for Valentine’s Day. You can use the tool and search for “gifts for girlfriends”, you should pay attention to the most relevant subtopics on the subject.

This web analytics tool will show you what is being searched and what options demand less effort to be promoted. With these data in hand, you will achieve to develop more assertive approaches, which will make your content stand out in the middle of the competition.


18- SEO Content Template

In this section, the producers of content will find several important SEO tips for the creation of quality texts. You must choose a keyword, set the country, state, and city, and click Create SEO Template.

SEMrush analyzes the 10 best-positioned pages in Google for that word specific key. Then It will give you recommendations so that your content can be positioned well in the searches.

In this way, you can see exactly how your competitors are using the keywords in their content. Now, you can be inspired to create a text that stands out.

If you choose the term veganism, For example, you will receive a list of related keywords to enrich your texts, such as vegetable origin, vegan diet, and products without animal origin.

In addition, you will receive advice on how to write the title, headings, meta description, and texts in the ideal size and with the best use of the selected keywords.

19- SEO Writing Assistant

This is a new addon for google docs and WordPress. This addons help you to write your content SEO friendly and will suggest you what to do for writing a good SEO friendly content.


20- Lead Generation tool

Lead Generation is a widget that you can add to your page for, like the name already says it, help in generating leads for your business.

With this tool, you offer visitors to your site a free SEO audit. This required only the registration of the URL and the user’s email address. The data obtained with this resource can be included in your contact database. So you can begin to nurture the relationship with these leads and increase the possibilities of conversion.


21- Listing Management

This is a new add-in SEMrush. This tool available only for USA users. Write here your business information and you will find how your business performs online. SEMrush will show you results from everywhere online, such as social media, apps, search engines, directories, etc.


22- CPC Map

This is still new but free to use. Here you can find out companies average CPC, PPC, most expensive keyword, most used keyword, most popular keyword, average CPC, and higher CPC.

There is a map where you can select the region of a country and SEMrush to tell you the best result of your business. CPC is a big effective point in web analytics.


SEMrush Free version or Paid version?

Who does not have to invest now or is not willing to pay a very high monthly value for the use of the platform can use SEMrush for free. However, this version has several limitations that prevent you from enjoying all the advantages of the tool.

In the free version, there is, for example, a limit of 10 searches per day. While the simplest paid plan allows you to make 3,000 daily requests for web analytical reports.

Another disadvantage refers to the number of results per search. If you use the SEMrush for free, you can browse only 10 results.

Therefore, when searching for a certain domain, you will only have access to the first 10 keywords listed in it. While in the cheapest paid version there will be 10,000 results.

If your intention is really to invest in content marketing, the indicated thing is to register in one of the paid versions of the tool to have access to all the features and benefits that SEMrush offers.

There are lots of different plans, which present distinct advantages for those who register. According to the needs of their business.

If you still have doubts about the decision to pay for a SEMrush plan, take into account that free access. This incredible feature will be terminated after the trial period. Create an account here

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With so many functionalities, it is impossible to ignore the importance of SEMrush in the construction of good web analytics tool in digital marketing strategy.

If your intention is to attract traffic, differentiate yourself from the competition and optimize your page, SEMrush is a fundamental web analytics tool for your business.

Despite being an intuitive and easy to navigate platform. SEMrush resources analyze a lot of relevant information. This can make users need time and practice to discover everything they have to offer.

So, in the beginning, do not worry about understanding all the details, sections, and reports. With use, you can better understand how your resources work, learn how to read reports, and use your data to improve your content.

I hope you enjoyed this web analytics tool that describing SEMrush and enjoy all the advantages of SEMrush doing web analytics. Comment us your thought about SEMrush in the comment box.

If you have any suggestions about the web analytics tool, feel free to write about that. We read it…

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