How to interpret consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior has changed a lot due to the Internet. In this post, you will learn how it is and what influences the current consumer’s behavior.

You have had an innovative business idea. You have managed to obtain all the necessary resources to invest in it. Your dream of becoming an entrepreneur, after much effort, has become a reality and, now, it is time to open the doors to the public and start selling.

But … will it be that simple? It is true that you have overcome too many challenges to get here, however, “open the doors” may not be enough to start your business, boost your sales and convert them into palpable income.

You may have created the best product or service in the world, but if you do not know the behavior of the consumer, you will hardly achieve success.

The good news is that, even if you do not have total control over it, you can study it, analyze it and understand it so that you are able to put into practice accurate actions to convince the consumer of the purchase.

And it’s essentially about this that we’ll talk about in this post.

What is consumer behavior?

The free and easy access to information in the age of the internet has changed the way we consume.

We have powerful search engines in our hands, working at full steam to offer exactly what we are looking for. Algorithms analyze our preferences and need to impact with relevant ads. Companies are present in social networks, enabling the interaction between brand and consumer. Online purchases are becoming more common thanks to the expansion of e-commerce …

And so I could continue with many more examples, but the fact is that the digital world has revolutionized consumption, and now it is up to companies to understand what impact this has on the behavior of the current buyer.

To understand consumer behavior, brands should seek answers to the following questions:

  • Who buys?
  • Why buy?
  • How do you buy it?
  • When do you buy?
  • Where do you buy?
  • How much do you buy?
  • How do you use it?

And before you think that capturing such information is impossible, I’ll tell you beforehand that it’s not, it’s not! During this article, we will tell you how companies can answer all these questions.

The current consumer purchase process

The purchase process, or as we call it in Marketing, the day of the client, is the path that a consumer goes through until they reach the decision to purchase a product or service. The purchase is not an isolated event, it is an action that happens after going through different stages.

We can define them in 4 main ones:

1. Learning and discovery

At this stage, the consumer has an interest in a subject, however, he does not yet know that he has a problem or need.

Let’s see an example: Maria is a freelancer designer and frequently consumes online content related to the work routine of freelancers. One of these contents is about the organization of finances and, although Maria does not yet recognize the need to organize her income, the subject arouses her curiosity.

2. Recognition of the problem

Here the consumer has already deepened on the subject and perceives that he has a need.

After the consumption of content, Maria has finally realized that she needs to better organize her money and begins to find out ways to do it looking for solutions on the internet, consulting other professionals, reading service reviews, observing advertising campaigns, etc.

3. Consideration of the solution

At this moment, the consumer has already mapped the possible solutions and begins his evaluation process according to his priorities, the expectations he has about the solution, the resources available, etc.

Following the example, Maria has selected some financial organization applications and tools and now performs a comparative analysis to choose the best option.

4. Purchase decision

Finally, the moment of action comes: the consumer chooses the most appropriate solution to satisfy his need and makes the purchase. Maria has acquired the service! In this example, we will say that Maria has opted for a mobile payment application.

All these stages transmit us various data about the consumer. If you look closely, in Maria’s example we identify some important information about her profile based on her profession, the content she consumes, the needs she has, the way she looks for information and evaluates solutions and much more.

It is these data that allow companies to explore consumer behavior and generate ways to achieve them and encourage them to buy, whether creating content, building their reputation on the Internet, interacting with the public via social networks, investing in branding techniques, etc.

Factors that influence behavior the consumer

There are certain characteristics of the current consumer that are essential to take into account when preparing a strategy to generate more sales. Meet some of them below:

Search for solutions on the internet

The digital world has provided the consumer with independence in the search for information. If you perceive a need, in a few seconds you can find the best solution in articles, videos, forums and more. Therefore, if you are a company, your goal should be to appear in the results of your searches. Make yourself find!

Rejection of invasive ads

Traditional advertising has already saturated consumers enough for us to continue doing it on the internet, do not you think? Invasive ads should be avoided if you want to maintain a good perception of your brand.

Inbound marketing techniques – focused on attracting and conquering the consumer – are much more effective today. Promote yourself through relevant content and offer useful information for your potential client.

Comparison between products

If before we had to walk store after store to buy products, prices, and payment methods, now we have everything in the palm of our hand. With just a few clicks, it is possible to compare in detail each product and the best cost-benefit. There are even sites dedicated exclusively to making these comparisons.

Be part of a community

Being part of a community is the desire of many consumers. We seek to feel that we are part of something much bigger. In other words: our relationship with the brand makes more sense than a simple relationship of purchase and sale.

It is for this reason that companies involved, for example, in socio-environmental issues, usually receive great support from the public.

Opinion of influencers

The purchase based on guidelines provided by influencers is growing in various market segments. For basically any product or service there will be an influencer to test it and recommend it to your audience.

This happens because consumers take into account the opinion of the people they admire.

Therefore, if you have a company, invest in the association with influencers in your area.

Attention to the latest trends

The consumer of today wants to be always up to date with market trends. The public always seems to be the first to experience the novelties of its segment of interest.

So, if you want to conquer your potential clients, always try to be innovative and offer your audience news that makes them “shine your eyes”.

These are just some examples of current consumer characteristics, but depending on the sector of your venture, you can find different variations. For that reason, it is essential to research and analyze your potential clients with attention.

Remember that the capture of information is a very important point for the understanding of consumer behavior and that you can (and should) use the stages of the client’s day to understand it accurately.

I hope the content has been very useful!

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