The 14 keys you should know about digital marketing for SMEs

We live in the digital age; a time in which we are continually bombarded by all kinds of stimuli and messages. Now that you have decided that you want to invest to promote your own brand, you need to create an attractive message, have the right means and announce yourself in an original and effective way. If you want to get the attention of the user, you will have to make a difference through digital marketing for SMEs.

That is why we have created a list with the 14 keys of digital marketing for SMEs that we consider the best. In this way, you will make your business stand out from the competition. Do not miss the strategies we suggest for digital marketing for SMEs!

Online marketing or offline marketing?

It is considered that, in a certain way, the world of SMEs is lagging behind when it comes to online marketing. That is why we recommend introducing digital marketing strategies for SMEs, thus preventing them from falling behind in a society where competition is increasingly fierce.

However, this does not mean that you have to abandon a more traditional method of offline marketing, such as distributing brochures with propaganda. In this way, you will not neglect your visibility in the real world.

Invest in your communication strategy

We are sure that you are an expert managing your computer, or that you are even an influencer in your social networks, but one thing is for sure: you need professional help.

We do not mean to offend, but if not, you probably would not be reading this article. Therefore, we recommend that you invest your time, your money and your energy in the digital marketing strategy for your SME. Remember that it is an investment, not an expense.

What should your expectations be for success?

Having realistic expectations about the success that a digital marketing strategy can have for your SME is essential. What do we mean by this? It is clear that digital marketing is a great boost for SMEs, but in the end, the most important thing is still the quality of the product.

In the same way, it is still the seller who closes the sale. Therefore, we ask you to bear in mind that advertising on Google or social networks is very helpful, but you can not do all the work on your own.

If you still do not know if you want to invest in online marketing, read the following points to keep in mind about digital marketing for SMEs.

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14 points to know when you are doing digital marketing for SMEs

With this post, you will not need to do a course or a master in digital marketing, as we will clarify in just 14 points all you need to know to carry out digital marketing for your SME.

If you have doubts about what a marketing plan is or want to know more about how to create a digital marketing strategy, here you will find all the information you need to know.

Remember that here you can also check our online marketing dictionary if you have any doubts about any term that appears below. And now, let’s start with our list!

1. Why your company is unique?

If you are interested in developing a digital marketing strategy for your SME, you should start by defining what it is that makes your company so special, that makes your company unique. Analyze your strengths and what distinguishes you from other companies in the sector and take advantage of your competitive advantage. Let this become your promotion engine and that thanks to it you increase the number of sales.

2. What problems your company can be solved?

You must be clear when explaining the possible problems that can be solved within your company. Diagnosing and evaluating an existing problem or lack in time is also a victory. If we locate the problem and think of a solution that will remedy it, this will open the doors of the market and you will achieve your goal of increasing sales.

3. What do customers want from you?

If you are looking to optimize your results through digital marketing for SMEs, do not waste time talking about your departments, using technicalities, or abusing business jargon. Remember that you should think as your client would. Sort and present the information putting yourself in the role of the person who will buy your product or hire your services is the best way to reach the customer and ensure a sale.

4. What kind of language are you using?

The best thing is to use an appellative language, plain and above all, inspiring. Make yourself understood with clear, accurate, precise and, above all, positive words. Also, remember to take care of your spelling! Clients value every detail, but they like to read something that can be easily understood.

5. How can your customers find you?

You must be accessible, that is, the way to contact you and your availability must be easy to find taking advantage of your advertising on the Internet. You must position the brand of your company, your website and your contact where any user can search at any time: Google, Google Maps, etc.

6. Take advantage of your website to channel sales.

You must take advantage of your web page to solve all the possible doubts of your clients as soon as possible since it is a way to channel sales. In addition, you must invite the user to follow an itinerary whose purpose is to click on the purchase action. Good channeling is an assured sale!

7. Make your message clear without sounding repetitive.

The user, as a potential customer, likes to know as much as possible about what he is going to buy or hire, (as is logical). Therefore, we recommend that you give all the details you can about your product and that you reiterate the message you want to convey, but without being repetitive. It is better than not missing, so do not fall short and look for ways to enrich your story, as well as to repeat the message in a natural and subtle way.

8. Having a good design.

Choose a design and apply it to everything you do related to your company to transmit strength and intelligence. If you choose an effective graphic identity that in turn is elegant, this will be a direct way to speak well of your company to the user without the need to say anything.

9. Why is it so important to have an attractive website?

Regardless of what you do and what your business is, follow our advice: apply good taste! As a user, you know that it is important that what you are interested in transmits not only good quality, but good taste and excellence, either through photos, videos, etc. Remember that beauty sells and therefore is an excellent marketing strategy. Give your company an aesthetic that no client can resist!

10. Get inspired by other competing companies?

To create a digital marketing strategy for your SME you can always get inspired by other companies. However, inspiration is not the same as copying, something that happens more often than we think. This is when the problems appear and we find what we call “duplicate content”, something for which Google will punish us without mercy and we will not achieve the web positioning that we so desire.

Our advice is to be original and give everything you do a personal touch. Always keep in mind what your competition does, you can always get ideas, but dare to create something unique and exclusive for and for your clients.

11. Do you have doubts about sharing your knowledge?

Do not hesitate, do it! Share your knowledge with the whole world and with it you will be able to create a community around your company. You should not be afraid to share with the world what you know, people are interested! It is possible that you lose a client, but in return, you will get another three.

12. What should you post on your social networks?

If we talk about social media marketing, social networks are undoubtedly one of the best forms of digital marketing for SMEs. Therefore, you should always share useful information and, above all, tell things that can be entertaining your followers in social networks.

You must arouse the interest of users so that they are more and more what follow you on Facebook or Instagram and not less. Remember that all your followers are potential customers, so take care of your social networks!

13. How can you make people remember your company?

As we said before, living in the digital age, which is synonymous with a world in which we receive stimuli continuously and excessively, there is nothing that goes viral or that is remembered if it is not excessively funny or if it is not It generates controversy. In this article, you can read more about viral marketing and the tips we give you to make your content viral. It is a very important aspect to take into account digital marketing for SMEs.

Dare to provoke people, let’s talk! Needless to say, always from respect and with the maximum education. If you are able to stir the emotions of the users who read you, not only will you reach more users, but they will also never forget your company. Another way to achieve this goal is through email marketing.

Email marketing is not only a good tool to get discounts and offers to your regular customers, but you can also use it to highlight your social marketing actions. Do you collaborate with an NGO? Do you participate in any social project? Let your customers know! This will generate an emotional bond between the company and the consumer that can make a difference when deciding between your company or another of the competition.

14. Is it convenient to work with prescribers or influencers?

Throwing flowers at oneself is frowned upon, plus people find it boring. However, when you get another person to speak well of you, the message of the speech sounds very different. Therefore, within the strategies of online marketing for SMEs, there are prescribers.

We recommend that you have prescribers of your product or service and that you give them visibility. They do not have a public as broad as the influencers, but they know better the brand of your company and everything it can offer.

Now that you know the 14 keys that we suggest for digital marketing for SMEs, it’s time to decide intelligently.

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