Types of algorithms: know the multiples that surround us!

If you work with Digital Marketing, you should always be aware of the algorithms and their changes. Understand what algorithms and their characteristics are in this post!

We want the first position in the SERPs, that is our specific objective. For that, it is not enough to have a product or service of excellence and a detailed understanding of the behavior of your ideal client. There is a third factor that forms the basis of Digital Marketing: the SEO language, that is, knowing how to deal with the different types of algorithms.

But what is an algorithm? How to learn your language if we do not know it so much? What do we know about him and his hard work of organizing the world’s information and making it useful and accessible to all people? That’s why today we have marked an interview with the Algorithm so you know everything about it.

What is an algorithm?

It is a mathematical procedure that establishes the steps of the operations that must be performed to calculate an unknown quantity. Therefore, the first revelation to understand SEO: search engines do not choose the best result, but calculate it.

How does it work?

One of the fundamental points of digital marketing to talk to the algorithm are the metrics, that is, the attribution of quantifiable values to intangible values, that we see very clearly when we have to create KPIs. For example Authority: to be able to calculate it we must base ourselves on a number.

To achieve this we attribute a value to the citations, we establish the axiom that if someone quotes you it is because you are sure that you know what you are talking about, that is, you are an authority on the subject. The algorithm will take into account the number of citations when calculating your position in the SERPs, hence the link building strategy, for example.

Another example, for social networks, a determining factor is engagement, to calculate it we attribute the numerical value that arises from the times a publication is shared and commented. It is in this way that we can transform everything into a mathematical algorithm.

The secret dialects of SEO

The SEO world is so vast that there are many dialects to talk with the algorithm, any self-respecting platform must have its own algorithm to order the way it shows the results of a search according to its proposal, either in the SERPs or in the news feeds or in the lists of videos to play.

Google – Larry’s algorithm

Let’s start with the most famous of all: Google, the oracle of our time, any doubts you have, “google” and in seconds a result page will appear with several options. The name of this algorithm is Page Rank and do not kid yourself the “page” is not per page but it is the last name of the creator, Larry Page.

Measure the relevance of a page in relation to its authority by assigning a note from 1 to 10, obviously working with decimals. But careful to be first in this ranking does not guarantee the first position, to avoid excessive link building strategies it crosses other variables to reach the final result in each search:

  • The date of publication, the novelty has priority;
  • The user’s navigation and search history, personalized results;
  • The geolocation.

These are just some. It has approximately 200 factors to position a page.

Facebook – the controversial algorithm

In networks, more than the authority, it matters the engagement, the likes, the comments and the times a publication is shared. In the beginning, everything was very simple with the Edgerank created by Serkan Piantino. It was based on

  • Affinity score with who published;
  • The user’s reaction to the content;
  • The chronology, the novelty being the priority.

But after it began to transform into a science fiction movie, the algorithm was changed by one that learns automatically. Today there are more than 100,000 factors to the position. The problem is that only the owners know with what criteria they choose what their users see.

But you calm, not all networks have algorithm types So complex.

YouTube the algorithm in business

The videos are the contents that create the most engagement in the navigators. On Youtube, 400 hours of video are uploaded every minute, that is, a day on YouTube lasts 576,000 hours. More numbers, it has more than 1,900 million users who per month watch approximately 1,000 million hours of video.

Without an algorithm, it would be impossible to organize all that information. On the other hand, it is the medium that grows the most, since the launch of streaming with live broadcasts to YouTube it works, too, like television.

Its factors are also secret but it is possible to unveil some:

  • The most viewed videos;
  • The reproduction time;
  • Time of permanence in the platform;
  • Interaction.

This is crossed by the data of your personal history. Geo-location, type of content, language, etc. That way every day when entering the platform you already have a list of proposals. Rounding Youtube is an excellent business!

We have reached the end of the post. I hope you liked to know more intimately the matter of algorithms and remember: if you know how to understand the first positions will be yours. If you want to know more about the topic, look at this article about Google algorithms!

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